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Author: Andie V. | Date: Jun 12, 2017

The Latest and Greatest in Promotional Products

 fidget spinner s.PNG

Fidget Spinners: The Craz in promotional products, everyone has to have them. Promotional Fidget spinners are trending with kids and adults as well. If you are trying to order fidget spinners in San Antonio, Texas… Big Star Branding is the place to call!



Companies are using these popular little fidgeting tools to market all over the place! The age range of people using them is from 6 years olds all the way to over 100! They come in all colors and sizes, so you can customize your Fidget spinner to fit your company, by putting a logo and/or phone number in the middle!



Here is what our Suppliers are saying about the products,

“We have over 1 million units on order. We went to China with $60,000 in cash and bought 1 million high-end ball bearings which are being stored in a locked cage in our overseas factory. (NO JOKE)”


The styles of fidget spinners vary, size, color, does it light up, does it have a Bluetooth speaker, and so much more! The demand is off the charts for these and some companies are even on backup! Big Star Branding can get you spinning in no time, and We are excited to put your brand at everyone's fingertips!