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Big Star Branding - Coral and Copper

Author: Big Star | Date: Jan 4, 2019

Coral is Pantone's choice for color of the year!

Coral is Pantone's choice for color of the year while COPPER is 2019's metal of the year for promotional products.

Copper is a functional & affordable metal with a lovely coral kind of hue so current trends are making this metal more popular than ever along with its cousin, Rose Gold which is simply created by the addition of extra copper to gold.

Big Star Branding does also carry products in both coral & copper as well rose gold which has been popular for a while now and compliments the coppers & corals of 2019.

Big Star Branding, as always has you covered with rose gold, coral or copper colored promo products and custom copper accessories.

Our custom drink ware items have received some lovely copper upgrades like copper plated reusable water bottles as well as the increasingly popular traditional copper Moscow Mule cups which you can buy for your restaurant or bar branded with your logo from Big Star Branding.

You can add a touch of class to your custom drinkware sets by just choosing one of the copper products OR sets of copper products from our great selection.

We even offer Yeti-style cups and mugs in copper plating & coral tones with the same copper-based technology that makes these products so fantastic & desirable. If you don't see the exact copper promotional product your looking for on our website: give us a call at 210-590-2662 & we will be glad to find it for you

Copper has inherent anti-bacterial properties which gives it an edge above other material.

Personal anecdote from the author: I recently purchased a copper water bowl for my pet & I have been so impressed with how the copper prevents bacterial growth and the water just stays fresh & clean so much longer than even the previous glass bowl.

More & more savvy businesses are choosing to invest their promotional product budgets with higher, quality, more sustainable, longer lasting & most importantly functional products: if you're not sure where to start let me recommend custom copper promotional products.

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