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Big Star Branding in San Antonio TX - Sustainability

Author: Big Star | Date: Jan 7, 2019

Eco-friendly is the promo-trend of 2019 and the rest of our lives.

Sustainability is about your promotional product being something special.

More than just a "trend": sustainability is about your promotional product being something special and worth holding onto. If a promo-product goes right into the landfill, then it's not really helping anyone.

An impression study showed 65 percent of the recipients of promotional products said Eco-friendly promotional products were the ones they prefer to keep long-term!

What is "sustainable"?

Sustainable promotional products are made from ecologically responsible, biodegradable materials like organic cotton, bamboo, charcoal & anything else that will come from and return to nature without harm.

Sustainable means lasting, better quality products: responsible human beings are moving away from single-use products. More and more people choose to bring their own bags to the grocery and carry reusable cups and you can be a part of the change by giving away products your customers will want to use more than once.

At Big Star Branding "sustainability" doesn't have to mean "expensive".

At Big Star Branding "sustainability" doesn't have to mean "expensive" in fact our reusable bags start at under a dollar per bag and are made in the USA!

We have some eco-friendly recycled newspaper pencils start at less than a quarter each! Since these products stay around longer it means you're getting more and better lasting impressions with customers for your advertising budget.

We have bags made from classic natural cotton and jute but also fun things like fabric made from recycled plastic bottles! There are so many options to choose from, your options are limitless.

Let one of Big Star Branding's customer service representative know you are looking for "ECO-products" and we will find the perfect product to meet your needs.

Big Star also offers recycled plastic water bottles & cups, recycled paper notebooks, and notepads even recycled golf balls: just ask us! You can call us at 888-844-4227 or visit a limited selection of the million products we offer at