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Author: Ryan R. | Date: Mar 1, 2019

We at Big Star Branding believe that branding a product with your logo is really attaching your brand identity to that product.

Big Star has a wide selection of price points and advertising options!

Promotional products can act as little billboards.

When customers take branded products with them throughout the day, other people will see them.

Think about designer dresses at the Oscars: people want to know where that garment came from and how can they get on. That's the value of spending money on custom promotional products people will want.

Function trumps Form with promotional products as studies show that 91% of customers will keep a promotional item because it's USEFUL.

A good example would be a custom plastic tag keychain versus an imprinted bottle-opener keychain.

While there is not much a price difference, the advertising value of that product skyrockets exponentially.

In advertising, we try to consider ROI, or Return On your advertising Investment.

A better product guarantees a better ROI. When a product is used repeatedly, it is seen by more people and that's really the goal with promotional products.

Promotional products also show your customers you care about them which helps create brand loyalty.

Big Star Branding offers over 1 million promotional products and a range of price points to meet the needs of any company.

If you are in the music industry, consider investing in custom imprinted headphones & speakers. A beverage company may want to spend money on bottle-opener key chains.

If your organization focuses on environmental concerns, t-shirts made from recycled, sustainable or organic cotton would fit your brand perfectly.

If you're not sure which imprinted promotional item is right for you, just give Big Star Branding a call toll free at 888-844-4227 or 210-590-2662 and speak to one of our sales reps. Or look at our selection of promotional products online at

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