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Custom mouse pads from Big Star Branding

Custom mouse pads from Big Star Branding are the ideal computer promotional product! Because almost everyone has a mouse pad on their desk or in their office custom mouse pads become a perfect way to get your logo seen over and over again by customers and clients which helps create a sense of brand loyalty by giving someone something useful that can be used over and over.

Since they are gender neutral and almost everyone uses one: customized mouse pads from Big Star Branding are appropriate giveaways for everything from businesses, organizations to schools, trade shows and more.

Big Star Branding's custom printed mouse pads come in many different materials like traditional fabric covered neoprene to high end leather which make excellent corporate gifts. We also offer antimicrobial treated mouse pads and disposable paper note mouse pads that can be written on or discarded: perfect for doctors, nurses, anyone in the medical industry or anyone concerned with health and safety.

Big Star Branding's personalized mouse pads aren't limited to traditional thick rectangles or single color printing: we also offer full color printing, custom shapes, sizes and thickness. We even have other novelty custom mouse pads that can be zipped up into a travel case for your mouse.

Big Star Branding's customized mouse pad selection has an endless combination of fun and functional options. If you don't already have a design or log we have a team of in-house artist who will create one for you.

Your perfect personalized mouse pads and a friendly Big Star Branding customer service representative are just a phone call away at 210-590-2662 or toll free at 888-844-4227 if you can't find the custom mouse pads you're looking for or you can also order online anytime at

As always with Big Star Branding: your satisfaction is guaranteed.

If you don't see the Mouse Pads you're looking for, or have questions about customizing promotional items with an imprint of your brand, logo, or idea, call us toll free at 1.888.844.4227 or local at 210.590.2662.

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