Big Star Branding's Privacy Policy

The trust of our customers is our most precious asset.

Protecting the confidentiality of your data is one of our highest priorities. The following Privacy Policy explains how Big Star Branding protects your data.

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Protecting Your Data From Outside Access

The cornerstone of Big Star Branding's Privacy Policy is our commitment to keep our client's data confidential. We have built our system with the goal of providing you with the same level of security or better for your online data than you have with your offline data.

We have invested our time and resources to be sure that you are safe while shopping and completing your purchase online. We have made a significant investment in security software, systems and procedures to offer you a safe environment for conducting business on the Web. While no security system in absolutely impenetrable (including offline systems), we are constantly reviewing, refining and upgrading our security technology as new tools become available.

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Protecting Your Data From Inside Access

Big Star Branding strives to ensure you are in control of your data. All administrative features on this site are secured via user log-in and authentication to help prevent access by unauthorized persons.

Only our account manager is granted access to view full user information and your information is stored on a Secure Server through Geo Trust.

Data Ownership

Any customer records, transaction, and other data that pass through our site as a result of normal business operations remain solely our property and are never sold or given to others.

We do not sell, license, lease or otherwise disclose any client data to any third party (including our partners) for any reason except upon your prior written request.

Artwork Policy

  • Big Star Branding specializes in custom graphic design for our customers. Your artwork belongs to your order. We do not allow others to print or reproduce your designs without your permission.
  • All custom artwork created by Big Star Branding is the property of Big Star Branding.
  • All custom designs will bear our signature line.
  • We reserve the right to advertise the design we create, print, or embroider for our clients. These could be shown online, in our print ads or any other means to promote our services and our designs. All ads shall be portrayed in a positive or neutral regard.

School Logo Policy

  • References to schools shall be portrayed in a positive or neutral regard. Big Star Branding will not print anything that portrays a negative image about a school. References to a school will not be printed if such references may potentially be perceived as negative towards a school.
  • Big Star Branding will not print any offensive gestures, words, and/or graphics if references to a school are made. This includes, but not limited to profanity, alcohol or drug use, or other such illegal activities.

General Policies

  • Big Star Branding will not print any racially motivated or derogatory messages and/or graphics.
  • Big Star Branding reserves the right to refuse service. Questionable artwork will not be created or printed.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.